The Psoriasis Mandate

The Psoriasis Mandate has now closed – thank you for your support in making this initiative a success !

Together we have achieved...


...more than 19,000 signatures of support...

...representing 44 European countries...

...with support from 12 advocacy organisations


The Psoriasis Mandate online petition was launched to raise awareness of five key rights of people with psoriasis, calling for improved standards of care for each and every person living with psoriasis in Europe.



It was developed in partnership with EUROPSO (the European Umbrella Organisation for Psoriasis Movements), a federation of psoriasis patient advocacy organisations across Europe. The five petition points of The Psoriasis Mandate were based on a set of key recommendations for the improvement of psoriasis care, which are set out in the European Psoriasis White Paper.


The journey...


The results were presented by EUROPSO at the European Parliament…


European Parliament

…at an event hosted by MEP Nessa Childers, in November 2013. Professor Matthias Augustin, lead author of the Psoriasis White Paper, and Kathleen Gallant, Executive Committee Secretary and Chair of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) Task Force on Non-communicable Diseases, also spoke at the event.

Psoriasis was discussed against the background of the growing burden of chronic diseases in Europe and how to tackle this challenge in the future. A Call to Action was developed as a result of the meeting, and was signed by MEP Nessa Childers. The Call to Action represents the ongoing commitment of EUROPSO and all those who supported The Psoriasis Mandate to campaign for improved standards of psoriasis care throughout Europe.

To find out more about EUROPSO and their ongoing mission, please visit .


“For too long now psoriasis has been a low priority. People with psoriasis can live a normal life, but that can only be achieved through early access to high quality care. The Psoriasis Mandate has provided a platform to empower patients across Europe to ask for the standard of care that they rightfully deserve. We are all working towards a brighter future for people with psoriasis, and this will only be achieved by a unified approach. We welcome joint initiatives like this which can make a sustainable difference at a European and local level”

Ottfrid Hillmann, Board Member and Past President, EUROPSO

Ottfrid Hillmann

“Psoriasis is multifactorial disease that has a significant impact on the physical and psychological well-being of those it affects. Early access to high-quality care is central to improving the long-term outlook for people living with psoriasis. The Psoriasis White Paper and Mandate have provided a framework to help drive improved standards of psoriasis care across Europe.”

Professor Matthias Augustin, Director, Institute for Health Services Research in Dermatology and Nursing, University Medical Center Hamburg, and Chair of the EEWGHP

Prof Augustin

Financial support for the Psoriasis White Paper and the Psoriasis Mandate was provided by Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium.