The Psoriasis Mandate

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The Psoriasis Mandate is an online petition highlighting 5 key rights of people with psoriasis.

In June 2012, a Psoriasis White Paper was published, providing policy-makers and health professionals with a framework to improve the care of people with psoriasis across Europe.

By signing the Psoriasis Mandate, you are showing your support for these recommendations to be acted on and calling for improved standards of care for each and every person living with psoriasis in Europe today.

The Psoriasis White Paper and the Psoriasis Mandate are supported by Janssen, more specifically Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium.

Thank you for your support.

Prof. Matthias Augustin
  • Chair, The Expert European Working
  • Group for Healthcare in Psoriasis
  • Centre for Dermatological Research
  • University Clinics of Hamburg
  • Germany
Mr. Ottfrid Hillmann
  • Former President, The European Umbrella Organisation
  • for Psoriasis Movements (EUROPSO)